Finding product-market fit and scaling it up can be feel like juggling 7 balls at once. Having a seasoned advisor with operational experience can help you keep the right balls in the air while keeping your eye on the ultimate prize: Raving fans that sell your product for you. As you shrewdly grow your business you want a Sr. Product expert without bringing on senior leaders too soon. My Product Advisory Service fills that gap. In my 15 year career I have a unique blend of leading Product, Design, Engineering, Support and Marketing across enterprise and consumer. I have broad tech sector experience (Marketplaces, Platforms & APIs, SaaS, On-Premises, Collaboration, Developer Tools, Healthtech including FDA approvals, Solar, Semiconductor) and can apply tactics and learnings from other sectors and apply them to yours. I have a passion for structuring product development teams at SaaS companies to achieve hyper-growth while keeping the customer front and center.

Core Competency Areas

Product strategy workshops - Product and GTM / design / engineering alignment - Organizational build-out - Team collaboration toolkit - Creating and maintaining culture - Pricing and packaging - Messaging & positioning - Sales enablement - Self Service high velocity sales - Enterprise sales - Product feedback loop - Tech stack for product funnel tracking - Net promoter score (NPS) - OKRs - Customer success & support

Setting teams up for success is what I get revved up about. I obsess about NPS and Product Roadmaps. I’ve dreamt about OKR forumation for team performance by night, and engaged teams to implement operational plans by day. I find joy in helping companies accelerate their growth trajectory, whether that means growing Revenue from $10 -> $10M or $10M -> $100M. My aim is that we establish a great relationship where I become your trusted advisor for Product Scale topics. I will give you honest feedback. My background brings 15 years of experience on the operator side leading Product, Design, Engineering, Support and Marketing teams. My specialty is Product but I have collaborated with all disciplines. My goal is to turn your customers into raving fans that sell your product for you.